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Re: Ownership of RIPE Database

  • To: Sylvain Langlois < >
  • From: Peter Lothberg < >
  • Date: Sun, 23 Aug 92 16:07:08 MET DST
  • Cc:


> >   I would like to se the whole database viewed public, maybee a "copyleft" 
> >   approach. As this is the only way to stay put of spending extra resources
> >   on non-productive work. 


>  Fully agreed. Any copyright on the database would have
> > a highly counterproductive effect since it might well
> > stop people from contributing info for it.


> If the move to X.500 is done in the future, you must be aware that all
> the information will be public. You can play with access control lists
> (if anyone request them), but this may not be the best  way to protect
> networked information.

The purpose of the Ripe database is to coordinate *ALL* network
activities (that want to coordinate) in Europe. 

To be trusted as 'neutral grounds' and to make sure our resources are
not spent on 'counterproductive' work, it has to be public to anyone.

If X500, Gopher, Telnet, Punched cards, Papertape, Yellow wire or 
Blue wire are used to access the information, is irrelevant.


(What's the meaning of a Secret network if you talk to the outside
 world. -:).)

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