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Re: Continuation...


On Thu, May 22, 2003 at 10:17:24PM +0200, leo vegoda wrote:
> Category   |  Two Years  | Monthly Average
> ------------------------------------------
> PI /21     |   38        |     1.6
> PI /22     |  166        |     6.9
> PI /23     |  296        |    12.3
> PI /24     |  595        |    24.8
> PI Other   |   44        |     1.8
>            |             |
> Total      | 1139        |       

Those are the 2 years figures, which would break down to about 47 PIs
(1139/24) per month.  From what I understand, the rate is now about
90 PIs per month, which means that it has significantly increased 
during that period.

Did it increase gradually, or can you see a connection to the new
minimum usage PA policy?

As far as I understood Kurtis, a major reason for going PI is that a
new LIR might not be able to get their allocation, and doesn't want
to use someone elses PA space ("inofficial sub-allocations"), thus
they go for PI.

The idea behind requiring a minimum usage for the initial PA allocation
was (IIRC) to slow down the growth of "new LIRs" somewhat, and be
conservative in PA address space giveaway.  Now this seems to backfire,
and hurting *more* in the address space fragmentation ("lots of small
PI stuff", instead of "one /22 PA") and routing area.

What about the following way to tackle it:

 - we change the PA policy back to "no initial usage to be documented"
 [- eventually reducing initial allocation size to a /21]

 - the PI form gets a yes/no field "routability needed"

 - the PI form gets a "if you need routability, please state your reason 
   why you can't use PA space" text area  (if people want non-routeable
   space, it's for internal stuff that has nothing to do with their ISP,
   so PA would be the wrong answer)

So let the discussion start...

Gert Doering
        -- NetMaster
Total number of prefixes smaller than registry allocations:  54495  (54267)

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