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  • From: leo vegoda < >
  • Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 22:17:24 +0200
  • Organization: RIPE Network Coordination Centre

Hi all,

At RIPE 45 the LIR WG agreed to the PI Task Force continuing its
deliberations. It was agreed that any change to the PI policy would
need to take account of knock-on effects on the PA policy, too.

Following the session three people have subscribed to this list.
No-one has asked to unsubscribe. The current membership is 19 

Minutes for the session will be available shortly (next week,
hopefully). However, an archived recording of the session is
available from the RIPE NCC web site, if you want to review what 
was said you can view the recording from:


After the session, Gert Dring asked me to post some figures on
the frequency of PI assignments. I have some figures showing the
frequency of PI assignments (and some other stuff) between October
2000 and October 2002. I've shown the figures as a total for the two
years, and also divided the totals by 24 to give a monthly average.

Category   |  Two Years  | Monthly Average
PI /21     |   38        |     1.6
PI /22     |  166        |     6.9
PI /23     |  296        |    12.3
PI /24     |  595        |    24.8
PI Other   |   44        |     1.8
           |             |
Total      | 1139        |       
           |             |
ASN Assign | 2598        |   108.25
PA Alloc   | 2053        |    85.5

The figures do not break down "PI Other" into assignments that are
smaller than /24 or larger than /20. However, as you can see, both
are fairly rare. 

We do not gather statistical information on the reasons for PI
address space being used. This is mainly because the current policy
does not require the requester to justify why PI address space is
being requested. Our major concern is that End Users are aware of
the possible disadvantages associated with PI address space.
However, all the reasons previously given (on the list and in Gert's
presentation) are seen in requests.

I hope this information is useful to y'all. If you want more
information then please ask.

Best regards,

leo vegoda
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