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Re: RIPE NCC in Danger

On Sep 16, 14:27, Daniel Karrenberg <Daniel.Karrenberg@localhost wrote:
> very little feedback to us and no public discussion whatsoever.  A total

But Daniel, if we were to send you congratulatory notices all the
time, you would have to increase the charges in order to pay for the
manpower to process them.-)  (This could of course be automated, with
a congratbot sending back ticket numbers and indication of priority,
as well as requests for clarification as to the reason for the
congratulatory notice; and in the case of overwhelmingly positive
feedback, it would probably be in order to ask for plans for future
congratulations within the same scope as the one currently being

> I tend to interpret this data optimistically and conclude that you all
> are basically happy with what the NCC is doing and how it is done.  Thus

Right on!  Many cheers to you and your staff, damned good job in what
must be a damned unpleasant environment from time to time, or maybe
even all the time ("I want my IPs!" "You have no right to ..."  "We
will sue!").  I guess it could be enlightening for many people if
you were to publish, suitably anonymized (or maybe not), the "RIPE
NCC Hostmaster Picks of the Month".

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