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Re: NCC -> RNA, CC meeting, a few comments...

  • To: "Wilfried Woeber, UniVie/ACOnet" < >
  • From: Daniel Karrenberg < >
  • Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 17:01:39 +0200
  • Cc:

  > "Wilfried Woeber, UniVie/ACOnet" woeber@localhost writes:
  >   Yes, at.aconet is *very* satisfied by the way the NCC is functioning.
  >   And in particular about the professional way of informing the relevant
  >   community, making sound proposals and supplying us with well-prepared
  >   information!

Thank you.

  >   I have also taken the time to comment on a couple of issues with one or
  >   the other document. Maybe this should have gone to the list as well,
  >   instead of sending private mail only. 
  >   I'd assume that others have done the same.

Yes we have had comments, although not too many either.

  >   The only minor question I have (if only to pretend to have read the
  >   papers :-) concerns ripe-165, the section titled "Personnel Fund":
  > 	... It is proposed to start this foundation whilst future 
  > 	RNA employees are still employed by TERENA.
  >   Till now, I was under the impression that the employees would be
  >   transferred to the RNA as well, either by Jan 1st, 1998 or as soon 
  >   as formally possible thereafter. Comments?

You are correct.  The plan is that all employees will be transferred
from TERENA to the RNA as of January 1st 1998.  For all practical
purposes the words you cite should be read as "in 1997".  They were
taken from a formal communication with the tax authorities and should
have been translated back into normal language. 

The gist of what is being said is that, if possible, we may want to feed
the personnel fund already in 1997 in order to reduce the current
company tax liabilities.  The "no tax" regime we have been able to
negotiate does only apply to the future.  However as reported last year
we have a company tax liability based on our results in 1995-1997. 
Minimising our 1997 surplus effects this tax liability.  Details are
quite complicated but available privately to those interested. 



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