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RNA Executive Board Nominations / Election

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  • From: (Karel Vietsch)
  • Date: Mon, 1 Sep 1997 12:45:21 +0200 (MET DST)

Dear RIPE NCC Contributors,

As you are aware we are well under way preparing for the establishment of
the new legal organisation for RIPE NCC which is currently dubbed RNA (RIPE
NCC Association).  RNA has been discussed for the last few months
and is described in ripe-161.  An important body within this organisation
is the Executive Board (EB).  The EB governs the RIPE NCC and is
responsible to the members.  It consists of 3-5 people.  Anyone can serve
on the EB except employees of RNA.

We are now at a stage where we need to find the constituting EB.  Normally
the EB will be elected by the RNA members.  Since there are no RNA members
yet, the appropriate group to bootstrap this process is the RIPE NCC
Contributors Committee.  Therefore members for the constituting EB will be
elected at the upcoming meeting of the Contributors Committee on September

There remains the problem to find a number of high quality candidates for
the EB.

        *YOU* are one of those who have to help with this.

Given that time is short the "three man group" who is tasked to help
establishing RNA will drive this process.  They are:
        Paul Ridley             <Paul.Ridley@localhost
        Karel Vietsch           Vietsch@localhost
        Wim Vink                <Wim.Vink@localhost

The task of these people is to *collect* nominations and it is *not* to
*select* them.  They will publish all nominations received.

If you would like to suggest or nominate someone suitable to serve on the
EB, please send your nomination to eb-nominations@localhost.  You may also
direct any questions you may have to this address.

Besides Paul Ridley, Karel Vietsch and Wim Vink also the following three
persons are available to act as contact points for anyone with questions
related to the EB elections:
          Rob Blokzijl            <Rob.Blokzijl@localhost
        Daniel Karrenberg       <Daniel.Karrenberg@localhost
        Kees Neggers            <Kees.Neggers@localhost.

On Mondays 8th, 15th and 22nd of September the committee will publish on
the Contributors Committee mailing list a complete list of nominations
received so far. We hope that the list will then be used for discussion
such that the meeting will be well prepared for the election and the
opinions of those not able to attend the meeting itself can have an

We stress that while this is going on, e-mail discussion within the
Contributors Committee is encouraged.  Anyone not comfortable with the
procedure above is completely free to use the list itself to nominate
people.  The purpose of the procedure is to ensure that the contributors
committee can select from a sufficient number of high quality nominations
on September 23rd, three weeks from now.

Please help us with this

        Paul Ridley
        Karel Vietsch
        Wim Vink


In order for the contributors committee to have comparable information
about nominees we suggest to provide information in a format similar to
the one below:

  > Name:       N.E.T.  Worker
  > Affiliation:        WIE (Worker Internet Enterprises)
  > Function:   Owner and Technical Director
  > History of involvement with European Internet and RIPE NCC:
  > Founded ISP (WIE) in 1995 serving worktown and vicinity.  Member of
  > contributors committee since 1996 when WIE became a local IR.  Active in
  > RIPE database working group since 1996.
  > Position and goals w.r.t.  the RIPE NCC:
  > The RIPE NCC should maintain its neutral position as an organisation
  > providing high quality services and credible industry self regulation.
  > It should not get involved in activities that do not require neutrality.
  > ....

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