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INVITATION for RIPE NCC Contributors Meeting, Spetember 23rd

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  • From: Kees Neggers < >
  • Date: Mon, 08 Sep 1997 16:04:49 +0200
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Dear NCC Contributors,

it is my pleasure to invite you to the annual contributors committee
meeting.  As announced earlier, the meeting will be held on 
Tuesday 23 September 1997 from 1000 to 1600 at

	Park Plaza
	Rokin 78
	1012 KW Amsterdam

Doors will open at 0900. 
Coffee, refreshments and lunch will be provided.


The proposed agenda with tentative timing is as follows:

   0. Welcome and Preliminaries (1000-1010)
           select chair
           definite agenda

   1. RIPE NCC Activity Report (1010-1030)
   2. RIPE NCC Activity Plan 1998 (1030-1100)
       Break (1100-1130)

   3. RIPE NCC Charging 1998 (1130-1200)

       Lunch (1200-1300)
   4. Report of the "New Structure" Preparations Group (1300-1400)
            - de facto structure
	    - tax position
	    - financial separation from TERENA
	    - further steps needed
   5. Decisions about setting up of RIPE NCC Association (1400-1430)
       Break (1430-1500)
   6. Election of first RIPE NCC executive committee (1500-1600)


Documents by agenda point:

        2. ripe-162 RIPE NCC Activities & Expenditure 1998

        3. ripe-163 RIPE NCC Charging Scheme 1998

        4. ripe-161 RNA De-Facto Organisational Rules (Revised)
           ripe-164 Financial Separation of TERENA and RIPE NCC
           ripe-165 RIPE NCC Tax Position for 1998 and beyond

Please note that some of these are being published Monday afternoon.
I hope to see many of you at the meeting.


Kees Neggers
TERENA Vice President for Services

Further information can be found at http://www.ripe.net/meetings/contrib/.


Registration Form

Use the form on the web at


or mail the one below to meeting@localhost.  Please leave the strings
starting with % and place your input between the brackets [] in the text
so that we can process your request automatically.  Please specify the
information as you want it to appear on the list of participants and
your badge.  

We will confirm your registration by E-mail.

Thank you. 


PART 1 - Registration

        %MTG    [ coco97 ]

1) Your name
        Enter First name, Last name in FULL 
        e.g. John Doe
             Mary-Beth Walton

        %NAME   [                                                         ]

2) Your Organisation/Institution

        %ORG    [                                                          ]

3) Your e-mail address

        %EMAIL  [                       ]

4) Registtry ID, the registry ID string of the registry you represent
        e.g. fr.lereseau de.dasnetz uk.thenet

        %REGID   [                      ]


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