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Re: Panama blocks IP Telephony

  • From: Carsten Schiefner < >
  • Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 15:30:23 +0100
  • Organization: RIPE Network Coordination Centre


according to Heise news ticker (german only again, sorry. I really looked, but couldn't find any other sources so far):

Panama's High Court has abolished the NRA's decree re. blocking VoIP ports.


Carsten Schiefner

Carsten Schiefner wrote:

FYI - in german only (have not found any other source yet):

- you may want to use Babelfish or similar to translate. This article is basically reporting on Panama's NRA ording all ISPs to block certain UDP ports that are usually used for VoIP after having received a complaint from the TSPs.


Carsten Schiefner

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