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  • Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 15:06:30 +0100


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] Gesendet: Mi 20.11.2002 12:47 An: Mr A. Snell Cc: enum-trials@localhost Betreff: Re: FYI Dear Adrian, all - two things: firstly, a question for clarification: SGA stands for, I guess, Study Group A. Of what organisation? Department of State ITAC-T Advisory Committee Stdy Group A The ADHoc on ENUM created the Final Report which launched the US ENUM Forum (to be found on the <> website secondly and FYI, a link to an answer to the (negative) VoIP impact on phone number exhaustion, filed by some telcos. Best, Carsten Schiefner Mr A. Snell wrote: > re : negating the global integrity of E.164 numbering resources in ENUM !! > > NANC TO ADDRESS VOIP IMPACT ON NANP ISSUES > 'It's recommended that the NANC assist the FCC in addressing > these numbering issues...' There is also an SGA contribution on > Global ENUM TLD Evaluation heading to Geneva that specifically > negates the global integrity of E.164 numbering resources in ENUM. This part I do not read: First, there is currently no SGA contribution on the Global ENUM TLD heading to Geneva (only one from ATT Steve Lind) and second, who negates the global integrity of the E.164 numbering resources, the SGA report or the Global ENUM TLD evaluation? and third. the Global ENUM TLD Evaluation does not negate the integrity of the E.164 numbering resources, (on the contrary), it proposed another TLD then to be under the complete control of the ITU-T > Whatever the conflicts over billing issues, isn't there even the > slightest risk of the service applications babies being thrown out > with the legacy billing bath water? Yes see also the ATT Petition 02-10-18 final Voip to FCC and PN DA-02-3184A1 regards Richard Stastny > >

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