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[anti-spam-wg] blacklisted for no reason

  • From: "JT Adelphia" tucker77@localhost
  • Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 02:22:08 -0700
  • Reply-to: tucker77@localhost

My servers ip was recently erroneously blacklisted in an sbl listing.  The other ips in the listed range I have no control over.  This is having a very negative effect on my business.  The sbl support department is not responding to my emails.
To be frank this is costing me a lot of money and the Spamhaus support staff seems unconcerned.  I did nothing to earn being listed.  I am an innocent bystander who is now fighting to save his business.  I rely on income from my hosting server to pay for my home, car, and family. 
This has also happened before where my server ip was blacklisted in a range of ips not related to me.
It is not fair to blacklist my ip when I have no control over any other ip.  This is clearly an issue between spamhaus, the offending user, and the data center and should not involve my ip.  If I am not the offending user, why is my ip involved here?
I feel humiliated, ignored, and slandered.  No one at my ip has been involved in any kind of spam related activity, yet my ip is blacklisted.  Spamhaus has provided me with no timeline for a solution to this problem.
Someone should help me to resolve this before my losses become so great I am forced to seek the help of an attorney.
Jon T.

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