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[anti-spam-wg] RIPE 56 Agenda

  • To: RIPE anti-spam WG anti-spam-wg@localhost
  • From: Brian Nisbet <brian.nisbet@localhost
  • Date: Mon, 03 Mar 2008 12:06:52 +0000


As you may have seen registration is now open for RIPE 56 in Berlin
from the 5th - 9th May this year.  As the announcement emails went
out today it seems like as good a time as any other to remind everyone
that content for the WG agenda is always welcome.

While a portion of the session will be given over to the conclusion
of the charter discussion we started in October, we are very definitely
looking for input from you all.

If you would like to speak to the WG in Berlin then please do let us


Brian & Richard