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Re: [anti-spam-wg] blacklisted for no reason

  • From: peter h peter@localhost
  • Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2008 19:00:41 +0200

On Friday 11 April 2008 11.22, JT Adelphia wrote:
> Hi,
> My servers ip was recently erroneously blacklisted in an sbl listing.  The
> other ips in the listed range I have no control over.  This is having a very
> negative effect on my business.  The sbl support department is not
> responding to my emails.

You pretty much described the cause yourself "range I have no control over".

Not discussing spamhaus blocklist ( of which i have no relation) , but using
someone elses address space ( in this case a provider with a previous 
record of spamming ) is a good way to get into various blocklists.

If you want to stay clear of blocking you should use a reputable 
provider that has no bad spam history. Buying "damaged goods" which
you have, will sooner or later recoil ( as it have done).

Like most other merchandize, buy cheap, breake down early. Price is not
the only parameter when purchasing is done.
> To be frank this is costing me a lot of money and the Spamhaus support staff
> seems unconcerned.  I did nothing to earn being listed.  I am an innocent
> bystander who is now fighting to save his business.  I rely on income from
> my hosting server to pay for my home, car, and family.
Is you said, it costs money to buy damaged or bad quality stuff. You have
I would suggest that you stop fighting blocklists ( there is lot's of them and 
they exists for a good reason) and start the process of locating a better address.

You could start out with a very-low cost solution : arrange that you
outgoing mail passes a reputable provider, this will not cost you much. 
You might even locate one among collegues.  Later when you term expires,
get bandwidth from a better provider.

> This has also happened before where my server ip was blacklisted in a range
> of ips not related to me.
They ARE related, you rent space at a spammer outfit. Don't get surpriced 
if you get blocked !

> It is not fair to blacklist my ip when I have no control over any other ip.
> This is clearly an issue between spamhaus, the offending user, and the data
> center and should not involve my ip.  If I am not the offending user, why is
> my ip involved here?
> '
see previous answer.
> I feel humiliated, ignored, and slandered.  No one at my ip has been
> involved in any kind of spam related activity, yet my ip is blacklisted.
> Spamhaus has provided me with no timeline for a solution to this problem.
> Someone should help me to resolve this before my losses become so great I am
> forced to seek the help of an attorney.
Spend your money wize instead, get yourself a outbound mailfeed in a decent location.

> Regards,
> Jon T.
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