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Re: How do you get off ORBS nowadays?

  • From: Anne Marcel Roorda < >
  • Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 21:30:53 +0000

In message <20010718212935.A6216@localhost>, "Clive D.W. Feather" writes:

> Morten Mortensen said:
> >> But Ron doesn't *want* to be a secondary. He'd be extremely happy if you
> >> got his name server removed from the domain.
> > How about blocking the request itself, either on the firewall (there is one
> > right?) or by blocking the request on the dns-server itself.
> Because that won't help. It's still going to kill his inbound bandwidth
> (and according to Ron his ISP will charge too much to do such filtering
> further out, plus he would have to make lots of other changes).
> If he blocks the DNS query or gives a negative reply, it will be retried
> every time Ron's server gets picked by someone looking at the 11 NS
> records. If he returns bogus data with a TTL of 1 week, that record will be
> cached for a week, and the requestor *won't* be sending DNS packets to Ron
> for that time.
> > This will
> > prevent him from using it very effectively and because you don't have a
> > agreement to let him use your resources he can't blame you in anyway. You
> > might loose some of your bandwidth inbound depending on where the filters
> > are implemented, but it's far better that now I expect...
> I'm losing track of who "you" and "I" are supposed to be. I've just read a
> long thread on another list about this, and it comes down to:
> * Ron agreed to secondary the ORBS main domain. This got almost no traffic.
>   He did *not* agree to secondary the subdomains because of the traffic.
> * ORBS changed the DNS so that all ORBS requests go to the main domain
>   servers.
> * Ron is now getting 1/11 of all ORBS DNS traffic, which is killing his
>   line.
> * ORBS refuses to removed Ron's server from the list of NS records.
> * Ron can't come up with a better solution than returning bogus data
>   with a long TTL.
> * If ORBS would just take him out of the list of secondaries, everyone
>   would be happy.


  I might be missing something here, but why doesn't he just
put the other 10 NS records for the ORBS domain into his nameserver
as being authorative with a high TTL?

  That way he should be sending anyone that asks to the other


- marcel

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