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Re: How do you get off ORBS nowadays?

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  • From: "Morten Mortensen" < >
  • Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 21:18:15 +0200
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> But Ron doesn't *want* to be a secondary. He'd be extremely happy if you
> got his name server removed from the domain. If someone made *your*
> nameserver a secondary for .com and refused to remove it, what would you
> do ?

How about blocking the request itself, either on the firewall (there is one,
right?) or by blocking the request on the dns-server itself. This will
prevent him from using it very effectively and because you don't have a
agreement to let him use your resources he can't blame you in anyway. You
might loose some of your bandwidth inbound depending on where the filters
are implemented, but it's far better that now I expect...

This way his users will get very bad performance, this will give him a lot
of unhappy users. They might blame you, but when you explain the case to
them, I'm sure that they will understand your decision and go for him

Just my few pennies on this case...



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