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Re: How do you get off ORBS nowadays?

  • To: Morten Mortensen < >
  • From: "Clive D.W. Feather" < >
  • Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 21:29:35 +0100
  • Cc: Piet Beertema < >
    Gunnar Lindberg < >

Morten Mortensen said:
>> But Ron doesn't *want* to be a secondary. He'd be extremely happy if you
>> got his name server removed from the domain.

> How about blocking the request itself, either on the firewall (there is one,
> right?) or by blocking the request on the dns-server itself.

Because that won't help. It's still going to kill his inbound bandwidth
(and according to Ron his ISP will charge too much to do such filtering
further out, plus he would have to make lots of other changes).

If he blocks the DNS query or gives a negative reply, it will be retried
every time Ron's server gets picked by someone looking at the 11 NS
records. If he returns bogus data with a TTL of 1 week, that record will be
cached for a week, and the requestor *won't* be sending DNS packets to Ron
for that time.

> This will
> prevent him from using it very effectively and because you don't have a
> agreement to let him use your resources he can't blame you in anyway. You
> might loose some of your bandwidth inbound depending on where the filters
> are implemented, but it's far better that now I expect...

I'm losing track of who "you" and "I" are supposed to be. I've just read a
long thread on another list about this, and it comes down to:

* Ron agreed to secondary the ORBS main domain. This got almost no traffic.
  He did *not* agree to secondary the subdomains because of the traffic.
* ORBS changed the DNS so that all ORBS requests go to the main domain
* Ron is now getting 1/11 of all ORBS DNS traffic, which is killing his
* ORBS refuses to removed Ron's server from the list of NS records.
* Ron can't come up with a better solution than returning bogus data
  with a long TTL.
* If ORBS would just take him out of the list of secondaries, everyone
  would be happy.

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