[bcop] BCOP presentation at RIPE meeting in Warsaw

Jan Zorz @ go6.si jan at go6.si
Tue Jun 10 08:57:26 CEST 2014

On 05/06/14 10:40, Jen Linkova wrote:
> On Thu, May 22, 2014 at 11:35 AM, Jan Zorz @ go6.si <jan at go6.si> wrote:
>>> 4) Code 112 (v4 + broken Ipv6)
>>> - can we show the process as a flowchart? if-then-else?
>> that's a bit hard one... do we have anybody specialized in flowcharts here?
> As soon as we describe the procedure in plain text more clearly, it
> would be relatively easy
> to add a flowchart (I could do it).

So we need to address all the comments first and make the text more 
clear before moving forward with the flowchart?

> IMHO if we could not draw a
> flowchart based on the text, it means that
> troubleshooting steps are not defined clear enough :)
> So let's concentrate on the defining the procedure and then I'll add a
> flow chart.


>> I think this are all good suggestions. We'll go through them during our
>> authosr edit cycle meeting, probably during the IETF meeting in Toronto.
> I'd be happy to join.

ok, count yourself in ;)

>>> IMHO a section should be added which explains what kind of information
>>> should be collected for an escalation. I'd suggest:
>>>    - Ipv4 and Ipv6 traceroute;
>>>    - ifconfig output
>>>    - routing table output
>>>    - maybe packet capture for the session which is having issues.
>> I think this is asking a bit too much to a first level helpdesk employee...
>> I don't know...
> Packet capture might be tricky as the user machine might not have any
> sniffer installed.
> However I believe we could expect even first level support engineer to
> be able to run
> the well-defined set of commands (such as traceroute, netstat and
> ifconfig) - they don't need to
> understand the output, just provide it while escalating.

What do others think here? What is your experience with helpdesks and 
their ability to perform this stuff?

Cheers, Jan

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