[mat-wg] New feature from stat / ris - route-flap-dampening analysis


I had an idea today morning of what would really interest me:

Yesterday there was a short discussion if route-flap-dampening is good or bad 
or ... If I intend to implement route-flap-dampening it would be nice, if I 
would be able to know in advance, how my configuration of route-flap dampening 
would have acted in the past. So:

- Enter a prefix
- enter parameters for route-flap-dampening
- press start

Then RIS makes an analysis of the "bgp-history" of the prefix and gets as 
result if and from when to when your prefix would have been dampened according 
to the parameters of flap-dampening you entered at start.

So you get the probability to play around _before_ eventually configuring 

Would that be useful?


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