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[mat-wg] FW: IP Address utilization of The LIRs

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  • From: "Ilyas . Celik" icelik@localhost
  • Date: Thu, 5 May 2011 20:00:25 +0300
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Dear all,


There was a question probably from Daniel that he asked what LIR want to see on stats web page.


As a LIR, I want to see IP address utilization for my AS when I query my AS from stat web site. It would be very nice if we get this information per prefix level.


I think we can achieve this using netflow (without using confidential information) information. We can tell each LIR to send netflow data (only source,destination address and AS information. No protocol,port & traffic information to avoid confidential data)  to distributed RIPE netflow servers.


In the MAT-GW presentation, Arbor Atlas presented that they are getting hourly data from 129 different provider. I think we can use this information as well to find exact utilization of the IP Address space of each AS.


I’m looking forward to go for IPv6 in my network as well but there is fact that most of the network, access devices doesn’t support IPv6 yet. So there is still big demand for IPv4 and I’m sure we have some LIR that they are less than %50 utilization of IP Address. We can take this IPs from these LIRs if they don’t have a plan to use this addresses recently and give it to LIRs which they are really need this.


This will more give a time to world to move IPv6.



Ilyas Celik