TTWG RIPE 51 Working Group Agenda

Dear all,

The TT-WG will meet next week during RIPE51, on Wednesday afternoon,
16:00-18:00. Alex Tudor won't be able to make it, so I'll chair the
meeting. For the agenda I have, so-far:

1. Administrativia (5')
- Scribe
- Blue Sheets
- Minutes from the previous meeting
2. TTM Status and Plans (RIPE NCC, 10').
3. Building a solution for active monitoring of the Swedish Internet
Rickard Dahlstrand, 25'
4. EGEE Project
Loukik Kudarimoti
5. Discussion on the Consumer Broadband Measurements draft
6. AOB

If there are any additional topics that you want to bring up, let me
know. We still have space on the agenda.


Henk Uijterwaal Email: henk.uijterwaal(at)
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