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Test traffic - traffic types?

  • From: Max Tulyev <
  • Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 17:25:00 +0400


I hear about TT box on RIPE Moscow regional meeting yesterday.

One thing I interesting in: is there (or is there plans to implement) an 
option to monitor different kinds of traffic? Because of ICMP, VoIP, SMTP, 
WEB, FTP and other kinds of traffic often have slightly different priority in 
queues, so delays, jitter, packet loss, throughput and sometimes even physic 
media (satellite, fiber, copper, radio) of different kinds of traffic can be 
slightly different.

You can play with HPING2 utility to figure out that ;)

Max Tulyev (MT6561-RIPE, 2:463/253@localhost)