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Re: Open source for TT


| we are currently  owner of a TT box.  We are considreing the possibility 
| to replicate this box ( hardware and software) in  our domain.
| Have you considered the case of opening the project to the public. This 
| by no means that we are going to stop our subscription to Ripe TT 
| service. We are very happy with this service. We consider the RIPE fee 
| to cover the TT runing service.
The case has been considered in the past. There's talks of opening some
of the software, but apparently not all software is ready to be released
to the public without creating an extra workload on the NCC folks. This
has to do with support issues (ie, how to configure, install, deploy,
collect data). 

The TT framework is nontrivial and in some places not documented that
well. Chances of you setting up both measuring points and data mining
services are quite small at the moment, from what I've learned in the

I too would be interrested in an opensource scheme where more than one
party can contribute ideas and software to. When I presented on this at
a TT workinggroup session recently I had near-zero positive response 
though (ie: nobody seemed to want 'total disclosure' of sourcetree)

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