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New additions to Test Traffic results pages

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  • From: Rene Wilhelm < >
  • Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 07:21:26 +0100

Dear All,

We are pleased to inform you that the new TTM products announced
at RIPE 40 tt-wg meeting have now been fully integrated into the
daily analysis jobs and are reachable via the test-traffic
measurements results page
(test-box hosts only).

Here is a short overview of the changes:

- expanded the pages that show full size day, week and month plots
  with a 'trends' plot; it shows the evolution of the delay parameters
  (2.5 percentile, median and 97.5 percentile) over a 6 month time period.

- added delay variation (aka jitter) plots to the website.
  For each box there is an overview page with small plots for all
  incoming and outgoing traffic; each plot is a hyperlink to a 
  page with last day and last week jitter plots for the specific
  source-destination combination.

- added summary pages which list (in tabular form) the delay and loss
  parameters for traffic coming in to and going out of the selected box.
  Significant changes with respect to the preceding period are color
  coded to quickly bring them to the host's attention. The summaries are
  made both for 24 hour and 7 day periods; the latter may help to
  keep an eye on longer term trends.

- extended plots-on-demand (
  with options to generate delay varation (jitter) plots and (long term)
  trend plots with user specified parameters.

We hope you find these additions useful. If you have any questions on this
please do not hesitate to contact us at ttm@localhost. As always, we also
welcome your feedback at the above address.

With best regards,

-- Rene

Rene Wilhelm                       RIPE Network Coordination Centre
Email: wilhelm@localhost            Test Traffic Measurements
Phone: +31 20 535 4417             Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Fax:   +31 20 535 4445   

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