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  • From: Keith Godber < >
  • Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 13:39:19 -0000

At Ripe 40 in Prague the subject of NetFlow came up - and if this was a
subject that the TT working group should look at.

For my part I would say the answer is "Yes."  This is traffic measurement
and produces useful real world data.

There's two reason's for me sending this posting:

a)	Would anyone be willing to make a presentation at Ripe 41 regarding
use of NetFlow?

Maybe you have a couple of years of data and want to show us some trends,
some abnormalities.
Maybe you have linked NetFlow data with routing data and have a tool to
predict the flow of traffic should a certain peer and peering point fail.

b)	Get a thread running.

Tell the world about your NetFlow woes.
That NetFlow is the font of all knowledge in your organisation.
That you tried it, and didn't like it.

There's some ideas.  Over to you...


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