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Slides from yesterday

Dear Colleagues,

The slides that Rene and I showed at yesterday's TT-WG meeting are now
online at: http://www.ripe.net/test-traffic/Talks.  Scroll down until you
see RIPE39 and pick your favorite format.

Note for sites already hosting a test-box: yes, we will start to charge a
service fee starting July 1.  You will receive an email explaining the
changes in about a week.  


Henk Uijterwaal                    Email: henk.uijterwaal@localhost
RIPE Network Coordination Centre     WWW: http://www.ripe.net/home/henk
Singel 258                         Phone: +31.20.5354414
1016 AB Amsterdam                    Fax: +31.20.5354445 
The Netherlands                   Mobile: +31.6.55861746  

As long as you don't tell your friends how I played the hand,
then I won't tell my friends how you defended it.                 (Anonymous)

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