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Re: [ripe-ttraffic #5105] Re: tt42 - Data Publishing Policy?

  • To: Fotis Georgatos < >
  • From: Dimitrios Kalogeras < >
  • Date: Thu, 08 Jul 1999 20:32:15 +0300
  • Cc: Dimitrios Kalogeras < >
  • Organization: National Technical University of Athens

Dear Fotis and  operators

Fotis Georgatos wrote:

>  Dear Dimitris,
> RIPE NCC relies heavily on the innovation and feedback of its members
> for defining the path of long-term development and evolution of New
> Projects, including Test Traffic.
> The high interest of the Greek Network for Research and Technology,
> is a good sign. We actually were surprised by your response.
> Unfortunately, we cannot -yet- give permission for copying and
> publishing the plots on an external web-site.  When we started to create
> the plots a little over a year ago, we agreed with the sites hosting the
> boxes that we would make them available on a password-protected web-page
> and only give the password to the sites hosting the boxes.  The main
> reason was that the project was still in an experimental state and the
> results had not yet been checked and compared against similar
> measurements.
> This has changed over the past year and people now seem interested in
> relaxing this policy, for example to show to their customers that their
> networks actually behave as they should.  We are strongly in favor of
> this, as makes the project far more useful for the sites hosting the
> boxes and far more interesting to us.  However, this is not the official
> policy, just a discussion in the RIPE-meeting and a little on the
> mailing list.

GRNET as an academic and research network would like to promote
research initiatives regarding operation and measurement. RIPE's test traffic
project is one of those.  Having  signed an equivalent of NDA for data we were

considering publishing the data , which concern GRNET  for its members.  My
was quite pleased to see the quality and quantity of work being done from

Thus I would like to ask for permission to publish open pages with the
translated documents of the
experiment. Furthermore I would like to grant me the permission to publish the
data which concern my network
with respect to the other one. The reason for that is twofold. First I would
like to show to our customers the
performance of the network. Second  the tt project serves as an invaluable
and unbiased  tool in my claims
regarding my internet connectivity for my upstream provider. It is not so easy
for my upstream provider to claim
favor from RIPE to anyone else. Furthermore, considering the fact  that I have
not access on this box, strengthens
 my claims.

So I would like you to grant me permission to publish the corresponding tt42
row of the matrix which
shows the results to my downstream peers..I would furthermore propose to relax
the policy regarding
disclosure of  data..  Obscurity is not considered as a sign of engineering.
Generally network are overdesigned
in the backbone and oversubscribed in their transconnecting links. The
bandwidth quantity of those links usually
represents some form of policy and budget allocation.  This could be revealed
with many tools , not so much trust
worthy as yours, but a reliable point could be drawn. Having a tool like yours
could help the Internet community  to
validate  its claims in a more reliable way. So I can not imagine why
responsible and trustworthy tools can
impair someone's  (ISP's) view.

As a last point towards permission , we commit ourselves to have the RIPE logo
(or hyperlinks) wherever this
is mentioned.

> The Test Traffic project source code, though experimental, is often
> considered to be given to the Internet Community.  That means, that you
> would be able to setup your own network of testboxes for the network of
> your interest.

I am highly intrested. You see human resourses are so scarse that we can not
to repeat the same effort.



Dimitrios K. Kalogeras

Electrical Engineer Ph.D.
Network Manager
NTUA/GR-Net Network Management Center
voice: +30-1-772 1863
fax:     +30-1-772 1866
e-mail: D.Kalogeras@localhost

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