[RIPE-Parents] excited to discuss plans for Ljubljana and Odessa

Todd Underwood toddunder at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 16:56:16 CET 2011

>> yes, so i was thinking about this. my perspective was that i would
>> consider traveling to just be more educational than a week at home of
>> school.  i can probably successfully argue with the school about that.
> ... so if you do "successfully argue with the school about that", please
> share!
> One of the Monday meeting requests was for that - a draft/sample letter, by
> RIPE, to be used to persuade schools to let the kids out ;-)

that is a great idea.

honestly, i think this is a very simple argument for *me* to make
(naturally, i do not understand each of your situations).  my sales
pitch will go something like this:

my children have never been to eastern europe.
they live in the united states and only speak english and spanish.
it is difficult to experience substantial change from anywhere inside
of the US due to its size.
travel to other countries that are quite different is fantastic for
children.  it expands their worldview and provides them more
perspective on their own lives/societies/families/nations.

i can probably expand that a bit, but that was my sketch of the
argument i would provide.

i don't actually think i *need* the school's permission, but i'm not yet sure.


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