[RIPE-Parents] excited to discuss plans for Ljubljana and Odessa

Vesna Manojlovic BECHA at ripe.net
Wed Nov 2 16:51:19 CET 2011

Hi Todd, Sascha, all,

thanks for the intro!

(I am listening to ncc-services, so my intro will follow later ;-)

On 11/2/11 4:46 PM, Todd Underwood wrote:
>> all conflicted with Finja going to school and we can not take her off
>> school for a whole week.

This is a very big problem in Holland - for me it is very difficult to 
take kids out of school...

> yes, so i was thinking about this. my perspective was that i would
> consider traveling to just be more educational than a week at home of
> school.  i can probably successfully argue with the school about that.

... so if you do "successfully argue with the school about that", please 

One of the Monday meeting requests was for that - a draft/sample letter, 
by RIPE, to be used to persuade schools to let the kids out ;-)


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