[RIPE-Parents] excited to discuss plans for Ljubljana and Odessa

Todd Underwood toddunder at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 16:19:44 CET 2011

i haven't read the archived, but i'm very, very exited to see this
group put together.

i have brought my children to networking industry events for several
years (most recently at a ripe 2+ years ago in amsterdam).

not sure what other people are interested in, but i figure
understanding each other's circumstances and interests will help, so
i'll start:

i have two kids, Agatha aged 7 and Beatrix aged 4.  We live in the
eastern part of the united states (pittsburgh, about 700km west of

my kids have been to NANOG meetings in the US, one RIPE meeting in
amsterdam and when Agatha was *really* young on a peering cruise.  i'm
excited to get them the chance to go to other places.

the challenges that i've seen in the past are housing, childcare and
balance between fun at the event and seeing/caring for the kids.  one
solution we found was to bring my partner's mother with us to
amsterdam and rent a house.  my partner took care of our kids during
the day (i took some time with them as well) and then her mama took
care of them at night while we went to the socials.  it worked really

who else is planning on (or thinking about) bringing kids to either
Ljubljana, Odessa or both?


todd underwood
toddunder at gmail.com

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