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Re: Config Run on Sunday, April 23 1000EDT

Let me add the appreciation of NSF to that from Elise to all of you who
have been taking independent and proactive actions to help assure a smooth
transition both for your regions and others.  Thank you.  Priscilla Huston

At 10:19 PM 4/21/95, Elise Gerich wrote:
>Merit has rescheduled the configuration run which was postponed on
>Friday, April 21, 1995 for Sunday, April 23 at 1000 EDT.  The originally
>scheduled configuration window was postponed because the configuration
>file for ENSS 147 (MAE-East) exceeded 17MB and was corrupt.  We had
>to allocate more filesystem space in order to generate a complete
>configuration and in addition we worked with ASes 293, 297, 568,
>1800 and 3561 to reduce the number of net lists contained in the
>configuration file.  The result is a configuration file of a more
>reasonable size (9.9MB).
>The additional activity which was planned for April 21, 1995 was
>to disable peering sessions between AS 690 and others at the following
>This activity has been rescheduled for 0700 EDT on Tuesday, April 25, 1995.
>Several organizations have taken the initiative to reduce their dependence
>on the NSFNET Service even though we had to postpone the planned configuration
>today.  Thank you all for taking those actions independently.
>         --Elise

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