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DANTE job advertisement

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(Note: Please feel free to pass this mail on to interested persons)

DANTE organises and manages EuropaNET, a pan-European IP/CLNS/X.25 backbone
for the Academic and Research community in Europe. EuropaNET includes links
to the US and forms a major part of the global Internet. EuropaNET offers
access speeds up to 8 Mbit/s and we are formulating plans for 34 Mbit/s and

Due to continued expansion we now have the following vacancies:

Network Engineer

He/she will work in the area of planning and deployment of WAN services,
based primarily on current IP technology, but extending to new leading edge
technologies like ATM. The applicant must have extensive knowledge of IP
wide area networking and experience with configuring routers. The ability
to operate unsupervised is essential, as well as the willingness to adapt
to new technologies.

Trainee Network Engineer

We are also looking for a Trainee who will support the Network Engineer and
will progressively take on more responsibilities. A degree in computer
science or similar education is essential. Some knowledge of UNIX and IP
networking is required. He/she must be able and willing to learn quickly.

UNIX Systems Administrator

For the management of our in-house UNIX systems (SunOS and Solaris) we need
a Systems Administrator. We would expect the selected candidate to assist
in the network engineering and operations area. The ideal candidate will
possess an in-depth knowledge of UNIX. Some knowledge of IP networking is

Ideal candidates for all of the above positions will probably have proven
experience within a University/Research environment.

We offer an excellent benefits package and the opportunity to join a
forward thinking, professional team.

Relocation assistance may be offered.

Closing date for applications: 6.1.1995

Please apply in writing (post or e-mail) to:-

Jane Beavis
Lockton House
Clarendon Road
Tel.: +44 1223 302992
E-mail: dante@localhost

For more information about DANTE, see:

or contact: dante@localhost

            *  *                    HEATHER WILKIN - ADMINISTRATOR
          *      *
        *                             Lockton House, Clarendon Road
       *                              Cambridge CB2 2BH, United Kingdom

    D  A  N  T  E         Tel   +44  223  302992    Fax   +44  223  303005

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