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34-155 MBIT Interconnection of Research Networks - Call for proposals

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  • Date: Wed, 18 Jan 1995 13:57:25 +0100 (MET)
  • Address: Singel 466-468, NL-1017 AW Amsterdam
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    (Peter Wintlev-Jensen)
  • Comment: TERENA - Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association
  • Organisation: TERENA (formerly RARE)
  • Phone: +31 20 639 1131 (voice) +31 20 639 3289 (fax)

These notes are from a talk given as part of the Telematics Applications
programme information days in Brussels on the 17th January 1995 where
the launch of a call for proposals for provision of a 34/155 M
bits/s network was launched jointly by DGXIII and DGIII.

These are my own notes. I make no guarantees for their correctness and
you should consult the references given (and not me!) for more
information. Queries about the Telematics Applications programme should
be directed to: telematics@localhost.

Please feel free to forward this message to other interested parties.



Interconnection of European Research and University Networks
               at 34 and 155 Mbits/s

Call for proposals.

The Workprogramme for Telematics Applications for Research included a
series of tasks (RE 1.1 to RE 1.3) which defined the validation of a
trans-European network of 34 Mbits/s, progressing to 155 Mbits/s. The
validation of this network has now become a joint initiative between
DGXIII (Telematics Applications Programme) and DGIII (ESPRIT).

A call for proposals for the validation of this network has now been
launched. The closing date for submissions of proposals is the 15th

The complimentary information concerning these specific tasks and
accompanying the Telematics Applications Call for Proposals can be seen

The Telematics Applications Call for Proposals can be seen at:

1. Funding and Timing

* A collaborative approach between users and suppliers is encouraged.

* The action will have a duration of 2 years.

* The action will be a shared cost action. The EC is expected to fund up
to 50% of the cost in the first year and up to 30% in the second year.

* The total budgetary contribution from the EC is expected to be a
maximum of 30 MECU for the 2 years.

This contribution by the EC is seen as a starting block for a high-
bandwidth network service in Europe. It is expected that the people who
make use of this network will eventually have to pay for it. There will
be a continuation phase after the initial 2 years but at a lower level.

2. Consortia Composition

* European Telecoms operators and service providers.

* National Research Networks in Europe operating at, or planning to
operate at 34 M bits/s (or higher).

* It is essential that there is evidence of consultation with user

3. Content of proposal

The proposal must contain:

* Description of technical approach.

* Timescales for operational deployment.

* Details of the technology to be deployed (both initially and at later

* Approach to service provision and quality management. (The EC will
specify service and quality levels but not technology.)

* Approach to trans-Atlantic connections.

* Approach to maintaining connections to the existing European national
research networks operating at lower speeds.

* Access by academic and industrial researchers (but _not_ industry).
Acceptable use policy (AUP).

* Approach to connectivity between multiple high-speed pilots.



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