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Re: CIX Europe?

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  • From: Havard Eidnes < >
  • Date: Wed, 18 Jan 1995 14:50:23 +0100
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> 	Can anyone tell me why there isn't a CIX in Europe?  Or
> perhaps one is in the works?

Well, there are a number of interconnect points in Europe, the one in
London being one, the ones in Stockholm, Amsterdam and Paris (and
Oslo, Helsinki and Copenhagen) being other ones.  There are probably
more.  Some of these are there mainly (or solely) to give more
efficient connectivity internally in a country, some of them have a
wider scope.

> 	This may seem like an ignorant question (or at least,
> "politically uninformed"), but it seems abhorent to me that all
> the various commerical providers in Europe have to pull lines to
> Alexandria, VA (or wherever) to connect to each other.

The network service providers in Europe have a need to go to the US
anyway, and widening the US capacity may be cheaper than buying
corresponding europe-internal international capacity (sad but true).
This is however only one side of the issue.

The issue is also one of priorities, money and (gee ;-) politics.  I
can't see that we wouldn't have the same problems with a CIX in Europe
as we have with the currently established Internet exchange points.
Please also note that the "CIX" concept has some perceived extra
baggage (e.g. the original concrete implementation) that some people
feel we are better off without.

If you are specifically thinking of the route you have to follow to
get from to e.g., well, ask the respective
parties and find out why they appear to be dragging their feet.  (My
somewhat old information tells me that an interconnection was planned,
and for all I know it may still be planned.)

- Havard

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