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Re: A Small Announcement

>Which leads me of course to the most vital matter.  I really ought to
>have negotiated my proposal properly in advance, but I can't remember
>the name of the UK Prime Minister, and I can't spell the name of the
>equivalent post in Eire.  Anyway, in the spirit of the current UK-Irish
>cooperation (sometimes known (wrongly in my view) as Anglo-Irish
>cooperation), I propose that:
> (i) I (on behalf of the UK, and hoping for support from Demon, EUnet
>GB, PIPEX and others) submit a limerick to mark the occasion of Tony's
> (ii) Mike Norris (on behalf of Eire, and with support from Irish
>Operators everywhere) give the Limericks WG Report at the next meeting. 

As a possible stand-in for Tony,
I'm flattered by Phil, except only
I can't do the stint, lest
A conflict of interests
Once and for all proves I'm phoney.


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