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Re: DANTE CERT Service

I have been listening to the discussion on the European CERT
Coordination. I believe in the following:

- Any service provider is free to and should be encouraged to
organize a CERT to serve its customers.

- A European CERT Coordination activity depends on being trusted
both on technical and commercial aspects by the organizations
depending on it. To me this makes it impossible for a service
provider to coordinate CERTs in competing service providers.

- The European CERT CC need to be organized and done on
"neutral" ground.

- Therefore I support the ConCERT-in-E proposal.

- I see that TERENA by many (hopefully all) and even by commercial
organizations is regarded as such a neutral ground.

- The RIPE NCC is also doing work where neutrality and trust is
important. The high standard of quality and neutrality has made
that sensitive activity accepted everywhere.

- It is my firm belief that the European CERT CC in order to be
successful should be organized in a similar way together with or
close to the RIPE NCC to assure the same qualities.

Sven Tafvelin

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