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NIDUS-WG draft agenda

  • To: ripe-list@localhost
  • From: Nandor Horvath horvath@localhost
  • Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1993 09:30:38 +0200

Please find attached the draft agenda for the comming RIPE NIDUS-WG.

See you in Amsterdam,


RIPE NIDUS-WG Draft Agenda

1. Report about the User Services WG sessions of the Amsterdam IETF meeting

2. Antonio Blasco's project

+--- Start of included message from: Antonio_Blasco Bonito -----
| the GARR-NIS has started some months ago a small project to collect
| information about network resources available on GARR network nodes.
| We call it GARR online network resource guide.
| The format of the information has been defined and client-servers
| architectures have been identified to support easy retrieval of
| the information via keyed requests over the network. 
| A limited number of resource descriptions have already been loaded
| to test the system and the approach taken looks reasonable.
| The client-server architecture is a mix of gopher, Wais and X500, each
| one is used where it gives its best features. WAIS functionalities have
| been modified/extended to achieve our goals.
| I think it could be a good idea to present this work at the next RIPE
| meeting: if there is consensus we can start a project aiming at
| making available information on RIPE network resources.
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