RIPE 16 - Proposed European Internet Architecture WG

Dear all,

   please find below a document produced by Bernhard Stockman as background
   material for the proposed EIA WG.

See you all in Amsterdam,


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| Here is the draft version of the EIA charter as discussed
| out in nowhere in California.
| Regards,
|   Bernhard.
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|             European Internet Architecture (EIA) WG
|     Introduction
|     During the course of Internet based networks in Europe an intensive
|     developments has been observered. The number of connected hosts has
|     increased exponential from around 30000 in October 1990 to 450000 at
|     the latest count in August 1993. (See RIPE DNS Host Count Reports).
|     Together with these massive increase in Internet connected hosts
|     comes a corresponding increase in the number and size of Internet
|     regional, national and international networks within Europe.
|     As a result of this growth a need for coordination of networking
|     between Internet networks in Europe was early observed which was one
|     of the main reasons for the formation of the RIPE organization and
|     the installation of the RIPE NCC. An important outcome was the
|     specification of a RIPE database today containing information of
|     various aspects of the European Internets. One aspect of this
|     database was the ability to describe routing policies via a
|     dedicated routing database. (The actual format of this database is
|     described in the ripe-81 document).
|     The need for routing stability has been seen as one of the most
|     important aspects of today Internet networking and several efforts
|     are today ongoing aiming to define and implement means and methods
|     to guarantee routing stability.  In Europe this has been provided
|     via the RIPE routing database in conjunction with the European Route
|     Server implementation.  This is today fully covered within the PRIDE
|     project managed by the RIPE NCC. (See the project specification for
|     the PRIDE project for further details).
|     Although the today routing technology offers a variety of tools for
|     different requirements based on technical and political needs there
|     are certainly limitation to what this technology can provide. For
|     this reason there is a need to further investigate interconnectivity
|     and topology developments within Europe and between Europe and the
|     Global Internet with the ambition of provide recommendations for the
|     maintenance and improvement of the European routing stability.
|     As a first step towards an open and fully interconnected European
|     Internet the European Internet Architecture WGs aims at an initial
|     review of possible developments within Europe and by this produce
|     document(s) describing the observed possible paths that can be taken
|     and the consequences for the European Internet connectivity.
|     As this effort concentrates on the European part of the Internet it
|     is natural that it takes the form of a RIPE WG. However, as some
|     aspects in this effort will have to do with the European Internet
|     connectivity towards the Global Internet it is also seen as
|     necessary that part of this work is done in close collaboration with
|     the Global Internet engineering and operations especially as
|     represented by IEPG.
|     Goals and Milestones:
|     September 1993
|     First review of charter, definition level of ambition.  Drafting of
|     the main topics to be covered
|     January 1993
|     Fist draft ready to be discussed and further improved.
|     May 1994
|     Final version ready to be submitted to RIPE and other interested
|     organizations.
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