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REMINDER for speakers at RIPE 16

  • To: ripe-list@localhost
  • From: Anne Lord <Anne.Lord@localhost
  • Date: Tue, 07 Sep 1993 11:40:54 +0200
  • Cc: anne@localhost

Dear All,


[This reminder is especially aimed at all those attending the RIPE meeting
who plan to make presentations in WORKING GROUP/BOF sessions - sorry to all 
those for whom this message is a repeat reminder]
		   Proposal to simplify taking the
                   minutes at future RIPE meetings

In May I circulated a plan to simplify taking the minutes at RIPE 
meetings.   In case you have forgotten about the new arrangements :-)
I have summarised below the salient points for you as a speaker at the
forthcoming RIPE meeting in one weeks time.

		Working Group Presentations/BOF's
		- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Requirements:   Summary of your presentation for inclusion in Minutes.  

	        Indication whether you would like your summary to be
                archived in the RIPE document store in the presentations

Deadline:       one week after the RIPE meeting - Friday 22nd September, 1993   

Format:         ASCII for the minutes 

                ASCII/ps for the presentations directory (there is no 
                deadline on submission to the document store)

Action by WG    
Chair:       	Review presentation {optional}  

Action by NCC:  Editing text for spelling and grammar only. 
                Editorial control remains with author. 

*Help wanted*

To be able to carry this out, I am dependent on your help.  Please
dont leave it too late to mail me your presentation if you would like
something included in the minutes.  If you would explicitly *not* like
anything included in the minutes, please let me know.   

Many thanks for your cooperation.  It is really appreciated!