RIPE 16 - Draft Agenda v.1

Dear all,

   please find below the first draft of the agenda for the coming RIPE
   meeting. Comments/addition are welcomed.

   As usual, the second day is reserved for the working group meetings.
   Agenda's for the working group meetings will be distributed in a week from

See you all,

   Rob Blokzijl

			R I P E   1 6

		  draft Agenda - version 1

	1. Opening

	2. Minutes previous meeting

	3. Action items

	4. RIPE NCC report (Daniel Karrenberg)

	5. Network Resource Discovery
	   - GARR on-line network resource guide (Giuseppe Romano)
	   - Guide To Network Resource Tools (Daniele Bovio) 

	6. Update on the new JIPS services (Phil Jones)

	7. RIPE Network Operations Coordination (Bernhard Stockman)

	8. Introduction of DANTE (Howard Davies)

	9. Joint Projects progress (Tony Bates)
	   - RS
	   - GISS
	   - PRIDE

       10. RIPE & RARE (Rob Blokzijl)

       11. RIPE NCC Review (Rob Blokzijl)

       12. RIPE NCC Activity Plan (Rob Blokzijl)

       13. Update on networking with Russia (Rob Blokzijl)

       14. Next meetings

       15. A.O.B.

       16. Closing