Re: RARE Call for Tender for MS-Windows X.500 DUA using LDAP

>I believe Wollongongs pathworks(pathways) product commercially available
>for a few months has a windows based dua, I believe it does use ldap.
>If you are already aware of this information, I apologize for wasting your
>If anyone has any information which enhances or disputes the contents of
>this message, I look forward to hearing from you.

The current release of Wollongong's PathWay Messaging Services includes
a X Windows based dua.  The current release of PathWay Messenger (mail
client program for X Windows, MS-Windows, and Macintosh) inlcudes X.500
searching capabilities.  Neither of these uses LDAP yet.  The protocol
is RFC 1202 based.  We plan on supporting LDAP in a future release.

Brian Call