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Invitation - INTEROP Europe BOFs

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  • Date: Mon, 07 Jun 93 23:07:31 GMT
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Dear Colleagues,
Perhaps this message may be of interest to those of you who plan to
attend INTEROP Europe 93 in Paris in October.  Apologies in advance
to those who may receive multiple postings.

            Birds of a Feather Sessions (BOFs)

            INTEROP Europe Paris,  27-29, October, 1993.

            Birds of a Feather Sessions (BOFs) will provide INTEROP
            Europe 93 attendees with an opportunity to discuss
            networking issues in an informal, after hours, atmosphere.
            These sessions are not intended for formal presentations,
            and certainly not for vendor product presentations, but
            rather as a forum for discussions of "unsolved problems".
            BOFs are open to all INTEROP Europe 93 attendees, including
            Exhibition attendees, and no special registration is
            necessary.  Examples of some BOF topics from INTEROP Spring
            92 in Washington DC include:

            o    Building Network Management Solutions
            o    Commercial Internet Implementations
            o    Very Fast Networks (150-1000 Mbps)
            o    Networked Multimedia Systems
            o    Resource Location
            o    Harvard Performance Tests - Spring 1992:  FDDI and
                 Token Ring
            o    Social and Political Issues on the Electronic Frontier
            o    CERT Status

            To suggest a topic for a BOF at INTEROP Europe 93 in Paris,
            or to propose that you moderate a BOF session, please send a
            50 word abstract to Dennis Jennings at Interop Europe -
            either fax your abstract to  +353-1-904845, or send an
            e-mail message to DJennings@localhost.  To be included in
            the INTEROP Europe 93 Final Programme, BOF Proposals must be
            received no later that Friday, 9 July, 1993.  However, there
            are only a few BOF session time slots available in Paris,
            and they will be allocated on a first come / first served
            basis, so get your proposals in now.

            For your information, the following is a sample BOF

            Networked Multimedia BOF

            Network architects, enterprise LAN managers and telecom
            execs beware - 1992 is the year workstation video adapters
            will bring CODEC and multimedia technology to the desktop.
            This informal BOF will offer discussion on new and emerging
            multimedia technologies and their potential impact on
            corporate, agency and campus networks.  Compression
            technologies, traffic characteristics, multimedia
            workstations, network standards activity and other issues
            will be presented.  Come prepared to participate in lively
            discussion and debate on this important topic.