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Call for Papers - RARE/EARN journal / 1st issue

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C A L L   F O  R   P A P E R S

- C O N T I N U O U S -

by RARE and EARN. It will be published as a quarterly supplement to 
the Elsevier North-Holland journal "Computer Networks and ISDN 

The editorial board consists of high-level representatives from 
national and international research networking organizations and is 
chaired by Tomaz Kalin, RARE Secretary-General and Paul Bryant, EARN 

The colofon reads as follows:

COMPUTER NETWORKS for RESEARCH in EUROPE is a publication vehicle 
for coverage of topics of interest to those involved in the area. 
The audience includes staff from networking service providers of all 
sizes as well as application developers, policy makers and 
representatives of funding bodies, advanced user groups and 
standards organizations.

Subject coverage
Material on aspects of design, implementation, use and management of 
computer networks for reseach and education. Specifically included are 
non-technical topics related to economic, legal and regulatory issues 
and social impact of using network services in the research and 
education community.

In addition, both RARE (Reseaux Associes pour la Recherche Europeenne) 
and EARN (European Academic and Research Network) report on 
developments in their organizations.   

Types of contributions considered
The purpose of the journal is to publish complete papers covering a 
specific topic or project of practical use to interested readers. 
The journal is meant to be a source of information on all aspects 
of computer networks for research and education and will also include 
news items in addition to the regular contributions discussed above."

- Submission of material -
Preferred format for submitting papers: RTF or ascii text 
(+ separate graphs and tables). All material will be formatted in a 
standard "Elsevier" layout. Preferred length: around 3500 words.

For more detailed information on submission procedures send a message 
to cnre@localhost.

- Review procedure -
The editorial board will review submitted material for publication 
or appoint expert reviewers to do the review on its behalf. 

If you intend to submit a paper for an issue later this year 
(deadlines: September 1 and November 1) we would appreciate to be 
informed as early as possible.