Re: Caching in Europe?

> Hank Nussbacher just sent me figures from the April Internet Hunt
> results, indicating that Switzerland, Denmark and Finland each sent more
> data into the NSF backbone than they retrieved from it.  The figures
> weren't broken down by service, but I suspect this is because of FTP.
> If any network admins in Europe have more information on this, I would
> be interested in hearing.  It sounds like an ideal opportunity to cache
> FTP traffic.
> ...
>  - Mike Schwartz
>    Univ. of Colorado - Boulder

I haven't seen the figures, but some of the traffic from Switzerland
comes from

The Swiss Academic and Research network operates a fairly large anon FTP
server which mirrors many of the well known archives.

In March 93, about 3.2 GByte of a total consumption of 20 GByte went into
the direction of the NSFnet backbone. Most certainly a large amount of
that volume was made with files we got through the NSFnet.


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