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Caching in Europe?

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  • From: Mike Schwartz schwartz@localhost
  • Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1993 07:29:40 -0600
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Hank Nussbacher just sent me figures from the April Internet Hunt
results, indicating that Switzerland, Denmark and Finland each sent more
data into the NSF backbone than they retrieved from it.  The figures
weren't broken down by service, but I suspect this is because of FTP.
If any network admins in Europe have more information on this, I would
be interested in hearing.  It sounds like an ideal opportunity to cache
FTP traffic.

FYI, Peter Danzig, Rick Hall, and I recently completed a study about FTP
caching, showing that reasonable sized caches placed at network entry
points could reduce FTP traffic by 42%.  The paper is available by
anonymous FTP from in the directory
pub/cs/techreports/schwartz/PostScript/FTP.Caching (compressed
PostScript) or in the file
pub/cs/techreports/schwartz/ASCII/FTP.Caching.txt.Z (compressed ASCII).

 - Mike Schwartz
   Univ. of Colorado - Boulder