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Costa Rica connected, awaiting NSFNET Routing DB insertion (Fri)

  • To: po-ncri@localhost
  • From: Steve Goldstein--Ph +1-202-357-9717 sgoldste@localhost
  • Date: Thu, 28 Jan 93 07:27:16 EST
  • Cc: "Guy F. de Teramond" gdeter@localhost
  • Cc: ip-register@localhost, Brian Shiflett brian@localhost, Sprint INMC inmc@localhost, Nadia Mansour mansour@localhost, lhl@localhost, ripe-org@localhost, hstolber@localhost, iepg@localhost, ccirn@localhost, eot@localhost (The EBONE Operations Team)

Loosely translated:

A 64 kbps link was established between Costa Rica dnd the NSF/Sprint/PanAmSat
POP in Homestead [FL] yesterday, connecting CRNet (AS2146) to the Internet.

[So far,] CRNet's routes were announced to Alternet, SprintLink, 
Suranet, EBONE (portions of Europe), PSI, portions of Japan, and Ecuador.
NSFNET routing will not be activited until Friday morning, when NSFNET
updates its route configurations.  

Guy de Teramond
University of Costa Rica and CRNet

[N.B., Ecuador's ECUAnet has already been attached to Homestead and configured
in the NSFNET tables.  Stay tuned for other Latin American connections via
Homestead in the next few weeks.   Welcome, CRNet! --SG]

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Date:         Wed, 27 Jan 93 22:47:38 UCR
From: Guy de Teramond <GDETER%UCRVM2.bitnet@localhost
Subject:      Interconexion de Costa Rica a la Internet
To: ENREDO%UCHCECVM.bitnet@localhost,
Cc: Steven Goldstein goldstein@localhost, Larry Landweber lhl@localhost,
        Saul Hahn shahn@localhost, "Brian L. Shiflett" brian@localhost
Message-Id:  <9301280004.aa28446@localhost

Un canal de 64 kbps fue establecido ayer entre Costa Rica y el POP de
NSF/Sprint/Panamsat en Homestead, interconectando CRNet (AS 2146) a la

Las rutas de CRNet fueron propagadas hacia Alternet, SprintLink, Suranet,
EBONE (parte de Europa), PSI, parte de Japon y Ecuador. El enrutamiento
asociado con NSFNet no estara activo hasta el viernes en la manana, cuando
NSFNet actualice sus rutas.

Guy de Teramond
Universidad de Costa Rica y CRNet

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