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Re: NSFnet stats

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  • Date: Mon, 28 Dec 92 13:57:09 -0500
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Yes, CA*NET and the CERN traffic to NSFNET were still on the T1 in November.
We did register some data losses with the T3 traffic-by-network data in 
early November, but I suspect that most of the differences that you noted 
were due to the fact that much of the international traffic did not cross 
the T3 backbone.  Even though the Country report is explicitly labelled as 
representing only the T3 traffic, I can understand the likelihood of 
misinterpretation and have removed the report from  

The upcoming December report should be complete, and I don't expect any
problems.  If you find something that doesn't make sense, please let
me know, and we'll try to track it down.

Susan Horvath
Merit/NSFNET Information Services

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  > I am very sorry to appear as a trouble maker once more but I have very seri
  > doubts about the accuracy of the traffic figures below with respect to the
  > countries served by the CERN-Cornell T1 line in november 1992.
  > With regard to October 92, we measures 34 GBytes for traffic US<-->NL for
  > example, which is twice as much as what is indicated below, and I can
  > give other examples, e.g. Italy, Switzerland, Austria where the statistics
  > below appear to be seriously wrong, i.e. by a factor 2 at least!
  > The only explanation I can offer is that the CERN-Cornell line was still
  > connected to the NSFnet T1 backbone last month, as was also the case for
  > CA*NET, which probably explain why CANADA is less active than Iceland,
  > whereas I remember Canada ranking 2nd some time ago!
  > I personally have nothing against Iceland or Lapeland, but I hope that
  > the december 92 figure will be more accurate, following the dismantling
  > of the T1 backbone on december 2.
  > Since any traffic statistics, in particular the intercontinental ones,
  > may be exploited for purposes other than purely technical ones, I would
  > very much appreciate that due mention of the possible inaccuracy of the
  > traffic figures for some European countries be explicitely and publicly
  > mentioned.
  > With my advance thanks.
  > Let me also take this opportunity to wish you all a merry xmas and a very
  > happy new year.
  > Olivier

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