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Termination of GMD's EASInet involvement

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  • From: Klaus Birkenbihl < >
  • Date: Mon, 7 Dec 92 16:19:43 +0100
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Hello everybody,

as you know GMD was contracted by IBM for EASInet to provide
NIC- and NOC-services. Many networks beyond EASInet gained 
profit from these services since EASInet provided a lot of
services for more than 700 networks in Europe.

Last week IBM informed us that IBM is not in the position to 
prolongue this contract. The decision is that IBM-ENC will 
provide some of the services from next year onward the other 
services will end Dec. 31st 1992. Since this decision differs
from recent plans there is a need for some migration work 
to bring IBM-ENC into place. So IBM asked us to help to migrate 
during the first 2 month of 1993.

Here are the details (current plan): 
Service       Action

TCP/IP-NOC    Will be moved to Heidelberg (IBM-ENC) till 
              Feb. 28th 93,

IDNX-support  Will be moved to Heidelberg (IBM-ENC) till 
              Feb. 28th 93,

SNA           ends on Dec. 31st,

EASInet-      Will be moved to Heidelberg (IBM-ENC) till 
office        Feb. 28th 93, 

any other 
business     ends on Dec. 31st, or will be at IBM-ENC from
(EASInet-    Jan. 1st.

We feel we should thank everybody who helped us to make EASInet a 
success. The colleagues at IBM for an unburocratic and effective
cooperation: thanks to Herb Budd, Harry Clasper, Wolfgang 
Schroeder for taking care at IBM's Eurocoordination. Thanks
to Michael Nies for technical support at the NOC and Peter
Streibelt for arranging everything that was needed.

We'ld like to thank all EASIsites, esp. the colleagues at CERN.
Thanks also to the people from the US: IBM, ANS and MERIT.
Too many people to be mentioned here. To all of you: we enjoyed 
your cooperation folks. Thanks to the EASInet EPC for the guidance
and for watching the growth of EASInet. (Of cause we meet on
Jan. 11th at GMD. Invitation follows.) And thanks to everybody 
who used and cooperated with EASInet.

Last not least we thank everybody who is (or was before) in GMD's
project team: Detlef Straeten, Willi Porten, Stefan Fassbender, 
Lothar Klein, Irene Schulz and Juan Pizzorno.

Hello to everybody - we are out of EASInet but - of cause - we 
are still busy in networking. Best regards,

Klaus Birkenbihl                            Peter Wunderling
Manager                                     Project Manager EASInet
Center for Science Networks

PS.: This is an informal note of GMD's Center for Science Networks.
     An official statement will be given by IBM.

 +   Center for Science Networks                Fax.:  +49 2241 14 3002  +
 +   GMD-ISA                                    Tel.:  +49 2241 14 3177  +
 +   Rathausallee 10                                                     +
 +   D-5205 Sankt Augustin 1                                             +
 +   GERMANY                                                             +

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