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Second Announcement

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Subject: Second Announcement
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From: Internet Society isoc@localhost
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ISOC Nominations Committee
24 November 1992

			The Internet Society

		  1993 Board of Trustees Elections

			Call for Nominations


On  31  May 1993 Internet Society members will be requested to vote for five
elected positions on the Internet Society Board of Trustees.  These  elected
Trustees  will serve a three year term. The role of the Trustees is detailed
in the Internet Society By-Laws (not included in this notice). 

This notice is a call from the ISOC Nominations Committee for nominations of 
candidates for election. 

Nominations are to be forwarded this committee via:

  - electronic mail to		isoc-noms@localhost

  - fax to 			+61 6 2491369

  - postal mail to:		Geoff Huston
				GPO Box 1142
				CANBERRA  ACT  2601

Nominations  are  to  reach the committee no later than midnight 31 December
1992 GMT in order to ensure due  consideration  of  the  nomination  by  the
committee.  Nominations  (in  the form of agreed nominations, suggestions or
volunteers) are to include the name of  the  nominated  individual,  contact
details  and  a brief explanation of the basis of the nomination. OPf course
it would be preferred  if  nominations  could  reach  the  committee  by  11
December,  but  all  nominations  made on or before 31 December 1992 will be
considered by the committee. 

  [The  first  call for nominations announcement had the date of 11 December
  as the deadline for nominations - in accordance with the Internet  Society
  procedures (reproduced below) this date has been revised to 31 December.] 

The committee will confirm with the candidate their willingness to stand for 
election  as  a  nominated  candidate  if so selected. Nominees will also be 
requested to provide the committee with further  personal  details  (in  the 
format  of  a  curriculum  vitae) as they relate to the selection guidelines 
that are to be applied by the committee, and  provide  to  the  committee  a 
statement  indicating their willingness and ability to devote an appropriate
level of time to activities associated with the position of Trustee  of  the
Internet Society. 

It is intended that the committee's selection process will result in no less 
than  7,  and up to 10 candidates for election as nominated candidates. This 
list will be passed to the Elections Committee on 4 January 1993, as well as 
informing voting members of the society of the selected nominations. 

Additional candidates for election to the Board of Trustees may be nominated 
by membership petition, filed with the Chair of the Nominating Committee  no
later than than 1 March 1993. (A petition for the 1993 election will require 
the  signatures  of  fifty  voting  ISOC  members.)  Specific details of the 
petition  process  will  be  included  in  the  announcement  of   nominated 
candidates  on  4  January  1993.  Following  the  closure  of  the petition 
period,ballots listing nominated and petitioned candidates  will  be  mailed 
out  to ISOC voting members on 31 March 1993 and the election date is set to
be 31 May 1993. 

Thank you,

Geoff Huston
Chair, ISOC Nominations Committee
					phone +61 6 249 3385 (GMT +1100)
					fax   +61 6 249 3385
- - ------------------------------------------------------------------------
A. The ISOC Nominations Committee membership

	Geoff Huston 	(Chair, ISOC Trustee)
	Rob Blokzijl 	(ISOC Member)
	Ira Fuchs       (ISOC Trustee)
	Tomaz Kalin 	(ISOC Trustee)
	Craig Partridge (ISOC Member)
	Hide Tokuda 	(ISOC Member)

		Committee Email address:	isoc-noms@localhost

- - ------------------------------------------------------------------------
B. Nominations Committee Selection Guidelines

   Candidates  for  ISOC Trustee should have a demonstrable involvement in the
   Internet. Such involvement may range from  participation  as  a  technology
   developer,   researcher,  user,  network  operator,  policy  maker  (eg  in
   government), sponsor of research and development. 

   ISOC is interested in broadly-based representation on the Board of Trustees 
   and  seeks  to  identify candidates from industry, education and non-profit 
   sectors and from government. The selection criteria  will  be  directed  to 
   selecting a broad range of interests, and will include criteria of regional 
   location,   current   activities,  relevant   experience  and  professional 

   A minimum of 7 candidates, and up to 10 candidates, will be selected by
   this committee, using the criteria as outlined above. 

- - ------------------------------------------------------------------------
C. A Profile of the current Board of Trustees

The current membership (as of October 1992) of the Board of Trustees is
as follows:

			Region				Background

    Hideo Aiso		Asia / Pacific			E/A
    Charles Brownstein	America				G
    Vint Cerf		America				N
    Lyman Chapin	America				I
    Ira Fuchs		America				E/A
    Frode Greisen	Europe				E/A
    Juergen Harms (*)	Europe				E/A
    Geoff Huston	Asia / Pacific			E/A
    Robert Kahn		America				N
    Tomaz Kalin		Europe				E/A
    Kees Neggers	Europe				E/A
    Kenneth King	America				N
    Lawrence Landweber	America				E/A
    Mike Roberts (**)	America				N
    Anthony Rutkowski	America				I

  Background codes:
     E/A - Educational / academic
     G   - governmental
     N   - Non-Profit
     I   - Industry

 (*) current term expires 30 June 1993
 (**) ex-officio
- - ------------------------------------------------------------------------
D. Procedures for Nomination and Election of Trustees


  1.0  Trustee Positions to be Filled

  The  Board of Trustees will advise the Nominating Committee of the number of
  Trustee positions to be filled by vote of the  individual  members  at  each
  annual  election.  The Board may also advise the Nominating Committee of its
  desires with respect to the backgrounds of individuals to  be  nominated  in
  order  to  achieve  the balance of experience and qualifications required by
  the provisions of By-Law Article III, Section 2, which  provides  that  "the
  Board  shall seek to have among the Trustees representative individuals from
  industry, from educational and nonprofit organizations and from government." 

  1.1  Date of Election

  The Board of Trustees will annually adopt a timetable for Trustee elections. 
  The election date shall be not less than sixty days prior to the next Annual 
  Meeting of the Society. 

  1.2  Use of Electronic Mail

  All  communications concerning the nomination and election of Trustees shall
  be in the form of electronic mail except the ballot, which shall be  in  the
  form  of  first  class  postal  mail.  Members  of  the  Society who are not
  reachable by electronic mail may participate in the  nomination  process  by
  postal mail. 

  2.0  Nominating Committee

  The  Board of Trustees will annually appoint a Trustee Nominating Committee.
  The Nominating Committee will consist of  five  individual  members  of  the
  Society.  The  Chair  of  the  Nominating Committee shall be a member of the
  Board of Trustees. At least two members of the Nominating Committee shall be 
  individual members of the Society not currently serving in  any  elected  or 
  appointed capacity in the Society. 

  2.1  Nominations by Committee

  The  Nominating  Committee  will  notify  the  members of the Society of the
  procedures for nominating individuals for election to the Board of Trustees, 
  and will provide a minimum period for receiving nominations of  sixty  days. 
  The  number  of individuals nominated shall exceed the number of Trustees to 
  be elected. 

  2.2  Nominations by Petition

  The  Nominating  Committee  will notify the voting members of the Society of
  the names of individuals nominated by the  committee  for  election  to  the
  Board  of  Trustees not less than 150 days prior to the date established for
  Trustee elections. Additional nominations  for  election  to  the  Board  of
  Trustees  may  be  made  by  petition filed with the Chair of the Nominating
  Committee not less than 90 days prior to  the  election.  Petitions  may  be
  filed  electronically.  The  Nominating Commitee shall specify the number of
  signatures of voting members required for petitions, which shall be at least 
  fifty voting members of the Society, or 1% of the  total  number  of  voting 
  members of the Society, whichever is greater. 

  2.3 Candidates for Election 

  The  Nominating  Committee  will  provide  the names of a completed slate of 
  candidates for election to the Elections Committee not  less  than  75  days 
  prior to the election date. 

  3.0 Elections Committee 

  The  Board of Trustees will annually appoint an Elections Committee composed
  of three voting members  of  the  Society  which  will  be  responsible  for
  establishing  and supervising elections. The Chair of the committee shall be
  a Trustee whose term of office does  not  expire  during  the  year  of  the

  3.1 Eligibility to Vote 

  All individual members of the Society in good standing are eligible to vote. 
  An  individual  member is in good standing if his or her annual dues are not 
  more than 60 days past due on the date of mailing of the ballot. 

  3.2 Ballot 

  The Trustee election shall be conducted by written ballot of the  individual
  members,  which  shall  be  mailed  to  each  member  of the Society in good
  standing not less than sixty days prior to the date of the election. 

  3.3 Voting 

  Each voting member will be entitled to as many votes as  there  are  Trustee
  positions  to  be  filled  by vote of the members. Votes may be cumulated on
  behalf of one or more candidates for election. A member may use  fewer  than
  the total number of votes available if he or she so chooses. 

  3.4 Receipt of Ballots 

  All  ballots  for  Trustee  elections  shall be received by the Chair of the
  Elections Committee by 5 pm local time on the day prior to the date  of  the
  election,  at  the place established by the Elections Committee for delivery
  of the ballots. 

  3.5 Counting of Ballots 

  The counting of ballots will take place on the election date, at a time  and
  place  established  by  the Elections Committee. At least two members of the
  Elections Committee shall be present at the counting  of  the  ballots.  The
  committee  will  establish  procedures  to  ensure the privacy, validity and
  accuracy of all ballots. 

  3.6 Certification of Vote 

  The Elections Committee shall certify the  results  of  the  annual  Trustee
  election  to  the  Board  of Trustees within 10 days following the election,
  forwarding a list of the candidates and the number of votes  each  candidate
  has received. 

  3.7 Challenges 

  No  challenge  to any Trustee nomination or election procedure or result may
  be brought except by an individual member in good  standing.  Any  challenge
  must  be  addressed  to  the  President of the Society with a recital of the
  reasons for the challenge, and must be received within thirty  days  of  the
  election  date.  The  President,  after  consultation with the Chairs of the
  Nominating and  Elections  Committees  and  the  members  of  the  Board  of
  Trustees,  shall advise the author of the challenge of the Board's decision,
  which shall be final, within thirty days of receipt of the challenge. 



  1 Nov 92 Publish call for nominations 

  4 Jan 93 Publish nominations 

  1 Mar 93 Deadline for petitions 

  15 Mar 93 Complete candidate slate 

  31 Mar 93 Mail ballots 

  31 May 93 Election date - count ballots 

  10 Jun 93 Certify Elections

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