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Re: RIPE DNS Hostcount October 1992

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  • From: Marten Terpstra < >
  • Date: Tue, 03 Nov 92 10:51:38 +0100
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 bob@localhost writes:
  * Marten,
  * > The UK and DE have been counted by ULCC and DE-NIC,
  * > and the output collected at the NCC. As you will see, this has increased
  * > counts for both countries quite significantly, especially the UK.
  * The increase in UK figures you saw may not be due to the method of
  * collection, but rather a real effect. Our own figures showed a substantial
  * increase this month -- about 4,200 "real" hosts. (Our accounting of
  * "real" hosts is always a bit more conservative than yours -- we identified
  * 40636 this month, rather than the 43301 you saw. This is possibly because
  * we have a better (local) understanding of what constitutes a duplicate?)

I don't get it. Tony uses *exactly* the same tools for counting as I do, so
it is quite impossible that the definition of duplicates is different,
because the tools decides what is a duplicate and what is not.
Also, from private mails between Tony and me, his count has always been
higher than mine, and Tony has been using the same tools right from the
start. If you are not talking about the figures Tony regularly sends around
in the UK, what other hostcount measure do you take ?
I understand that some of the increase is real increase, but the rest is
increase due to to better connectivity.

As for the duplicates, our program defines a host with more than one hostname
for the same IP address as a duplicate host. So for instance;      86400   IN      A  86400   IN      A

is counted as one (1) duplicate host, because it is the same machine with
more than one name. These duplicates are checked inside the domain it is
counting; in case of the hostcount this is the top-level domain. Also of
course, hosts with more than one IP address are only counted once, but these
do not show up in the duplicates.

  * We still have a considerable number of JIPS sites that have not yet
  * delegated so I guess we'll carry on growing for a while yet...

I guess so. You should be able to get very near Germany soon ...


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