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Re: RIPE DNS Hostcount October 1992

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  • Date: Tue, 3 Nov 92 09:25:58 GMT
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> The UK and DE have been counted by ULCC and DE-NIC,
> and the output collected at the NCC. As you will see, this has increased
> counts for both countries quite significantly, especially the UK.

The increase in UK figures you saw may not be due to the method of
collection, but rather a real effect. Our own figures showed a substantial
increase this month -- about 4,200 "real" hosts. (Our accounting of
"real" hosts is always a bit more conservative than yours -- we identified
40636 this month, rather than the 43301 you saw. This is possibly because
we have a better (local) understanding of what constitutes a duplicate?)

We still have a considerable number of JIPS sites that have not yet
delegated so I guess we'll carry on growing for a while yet...

Bob Day

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