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  • From: (Bruce Wallace)
  • Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1992 11:14:45
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Dear all ,
A correction to the "rumours" that are propogated below,
from the person involved in the matter.

>Date: Sun, 27th Sep 92 21:14:30 MET
>From: Peter Lothberg roll@localhost
>To: ripe@localhost
>Subject: What are the COSINE/CPMU in the Rare officie doing?

>Some days ago we all received a long document that looked like

>Note the document has bee recieved September 8, 1992.

>              RARE and RIPE / RIPE - NCC

>    RIPE should stay a technical IP coordinating body within
>RARE, but having much more interaction with the RARE management,
>technical and executive bodies (CoA, RTC, REC, Raesec) than in
>the past 
>    according to it's charter, RIPE should be serving wider
>population than RARE membership
>    one should obsercve gradual merger (or at least very close
>cooperation between identical or related Working Groups of RARE
>and RIPE, leading to a coordibated management of technical
>    Ripe should support establishment and utilisation of the
>EMPB, particularly in the pilot phase, where its expertise is
>crucially needed
>I have learned through releiable sources that the EMPB?PTT-
>Telecom is planning to subcontract "IP network Consulting" for
>EMPB to Softlabs.

This is totally incorrect! PTT-Telecom have not contracted anyone
for "IP network Consulting". Softlab are currently contracted to
the CPMU for the COSINE project P4- "Network Management in the
Context of concantenated Networks". They have been asked to
provide consultancy in the above topic for the EMPB.(By the

>Another strange thing seems to be that the receiver(What's
>that?)was " Bruce Wallace at PTT Telecom" I thought he was with
>the CPMU?

You are quite correct about this point I (Bruce Wallace) am a
member of the CPMU and not a PTT-Telecom employee. (I suggest you
stop using this "reliable source" as he(or she) is plainly not

>This means that the IP-community of Europe will probably have
>a zero influence on the network, that are supposed to serve our
>community. And that the CPMU totally ignores the skills of the
>Ripe community.

This will only be true if none of the Ripe member networks
paticipate in the IP pilot.

>We have to pay twice, as the skills of the coumunity are not
>used, and we have to pay the consultants on our taxes/ charges.

You might have to pay for the consultants by your taxes if your
organisation is part of COSINE, but NOT in charges for the EMPB.

>I might be wrong, if someone has better knowledge about this,
>please speak up.
I have spoken up and I hope cleared up the mistakes.


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